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 Server Rules

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Iron smith
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PostSubject: Server Rules    13/10/2011, 10:12

1) Be respectful to all those around you. We do not welcome flame wars here, if you do not agree with one person's opinion then counter that opinion in a respectful way without being insulting or condescending towards the one that you are addressing.

1a) Be respectful to all members of the staff. We are here in an effort to ensure that you have a minecraft server to play on when you need one and we don't need you inciting panic and chaos. If you have an issue with a moderator or an admin then there are other admins and moderators whom you can message about them.

1b) If you are respectful, remember that all opinions are respected in FluxGaming. As long as you can keep it civil then you discuss just about anything (within the proper limits) but if you feel you can't be civil then ignore the conversation and don't interject yourself.

2) No Spamming. Self-explanatory I believe but if you join the server and post the same line 150 times in 20 seconds then you will be labeled as a spambot and if you type 1 letter per line like "I" "H" "A" "T" "E" "T" "H" "I" "S" "S" "E" "R" "V" "E" "R" "!" then you will be banned for spamming.

2a) No advertising other servers. You have your own server, excellent! Congrats! However, please don't advertise anywhere on FluxGaming. This includes the minecraft forum. It has the possibility of getting you banned.

3) Try to limit your use of offensive language. Remember that there are people who are considered children on this forum and the server so let's not drop the F-bomb every time you type something in. We are not as strict as other servers about this but you don't need to swear every time you open your mouth.

3a) Try to limit your use of all capital letters in a post. This includes typing out a message of all capitals "HAY GAIZ! HOW ARE YOU?!" or being a jerk with "HaY GaIz! HoW aRe YoU?!" Again, we are not as strict as other servers might be regarding this issue but keep in mind that you needn't speak in caps every time that you post.

4) Do not help people with illegal matters, this includes pirating of games or movies or anything similar. Don't tell someone how they can pirate Minecraft and play on the server without paying for example.

4a) Racism of any kind is not tolerated. This is an important rule, we live in a world where everyone should be accepted regardless of race, gender, or sexuality and that's how this server is run as well. This rule is strictly enforced and you are less likely to receive a 'warning' for it then a ban. The ban here is most likely to be a 'global' ban.

5) No Griefing. Griefing is basically destroying another person's stuff with malicious intent. If you are caught you are warned and/or jailed then your second offense results in you being banned. You can appeal your ban here: http://projectphoenix.darkbb.com/f5-ban-appeals

5a) No Hunting. This server has arenas, if you kill someone outside of the arena without their consent then you will be warned and/or jailed then your second offense results in you being banned. You can appeal your ban here: http://projectphoenix.darkbb.com/f5-ban-appeals

6) No mods allowed. No flying of any kind unless you are a moderator and/or administrator on the server. No speed mods of any kind unless you are a moderator and/or administrator on the server. No X-ray mods (or Texture Packs) allowed. In fact, if the mod gives you an unfair advantage over another player then it is likely a mod that will get you banned, so don't use it.

7) No asking moderators/admins to teleport you places, no asking for free items (there are rare exceptions), no asking to be made a moderator/admin (op). Basically don't bug the admins or moderators with silly questions that you probably already know the answer to. Such things can get you muted or banned.

7a) Don't pretend to be a staff member of this server or any other and expect special treatment. This includes claiming to be a "planetminecraft employee" or anything similar. Such things can get you muted or worse, banned.

8} Do NOT go to other servers and cause drama. No Griefing other servers in the name of Flux, do NOT go to other servers ranting and raving in the name of Flux. You are more than welcome to visit other servers if you wish but do not cause drama or grief or hunt in the name of Flux or preferably at all. All those found guilty of doing so will be banned.

9} Any rules not listed here but found on the server rule board on the actual server.
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Server Rules
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