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 Inventory Cleared

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Freshly Spawned
Freshly Spawned

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PostSubject: Inventory Cleared   7/4/2012, 04:18

I have been away this past week on easter vacation. I just got back and logged in. based on my previous mincraft experience, i headed straight to my house to see if anything was griefed (nothing was). i was so focused on that that i didn't notice that my inventory was completely blank.
I asked the chat if this was an issue that was known. i understood it that it was not, and Phytek said he had no idea why.
so i am wondering if someone has an idea why this might have happened, and how we might avoid this in the future. I know there is little hope of retrieving my items, so i wont go much on with that.
I carried only one valuable; a highly enchanted diamond shovel. and some stacks of redstone dust.

Happy Easter
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PostSubject: Re: Inventory Cleared   7/4/2012, 04:30

more than likely it was an inventory rollback, had a few the last week. sometimes happens when the server crashes.
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Inventory Cleared
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