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We Are moving The Forums!
13/4/2012, 22:15 by Tomtaru
The Forums are moving to a new location. I'm sorry but you'll have to rereister over yonder Smile

These forums will however stay up for a while.

Go to www.projectphoenixmc.enjin.com and check it out!

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Reminder to all! (Read me!)
11/4/2012, 17:26 by SiderianDragon
There will be NO disrespect towards the staff no matter what your grievances.. you have a personal issue with a mod or admin? bring it to them personally.. in a respectful way. Still have an issue bring it to another moderator/admin and they'll bring it forth for discussion..

There will be no swearing at staff members, no outright insulting staff members (jokingly is fine but see that it doesn't …

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Minecraft 1.2.5
5/4/2012, 00:51 by Tomtaru
Minecraft has updated, hurray!... if not for the fact you run a server...

As everyone knows, with a minecraft update, the server will be outdated.

I will not be updating the server untill I am sure the plugins won't break yet. we had to much disater with homes resetting and inventory rolbacks already...

In short: if you want to play on phoenix, wait with updating

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Chaos is open
28/3/2012, 09:18 by Katya
The pvp world Chaos is now up and running. We are still building things like the arena and such, but you can teleport there now and check it out. The portal between worlds is behind the spawn building. Your inventories will not carry over.

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Going Live with the new map!
18/3/2012, 12:59 by Tomtaru
Ladies and gentlemen!

Destiny, our non-pvp map, has gone live! yes, Destiny is a permanent map again so start building!

The Ark has arrived (the commandsigns don't work yet, so bear with me) and will be staying for a while.
The Ark brings good news and bad news...
The bad news is... only half your stuff stayed in the chests... I've done my best and tried a couple of times to load it back up …

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Adding Plugins!
8/3/2012, 05:06 by Tomtaru
I should have done this a while ago... But I'm currently adding plugins one by one. So if you see any problems, annoyances with the pluggins, please rport it in the issues subsection.

Currently installed plugins:
  • Vault
  • PermissionsEX
  • commandbook
  • Herochat
  • Lockette
  • WordEdit
  • Worldguard
  • iConomy
  • Signshops
  • LWC

Please not that we will probably move away from lockette towards LWC. Since the Ark is protected with …

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New teamspeak
17/3/2012, 02:48 by Katya
We have changed hosts for the teamspeak. Our new IP is: teamspeak-1.verygames.net:50591
As of March 28th you will no longer be able to access the old server. =)

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Minecraft 1.2
29/2/2012, 09:24 by Tomtaru
Hello there dear friends,

Lots of speculation is going about on minecraft 1.2. Thus I have created The Ark to stash your two double chests in. Take a look around spawn to find the Sortal to it.

V.I.P.'s and townmayors can mark their to be transferred building by marking it with a stack of 3 pieces of wool at the four corners of the build and PM'ing me the coords of the building.

Please don't …

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Home 2 and private warps
23/1/2012, 01:17 by Tomtaru
The Home2 command has been removed (I'm sorry for the V.I.P.'s that had one set up. if you know the coords please contact a admin or mod to teleport you there.)

The command has been replaced with a private warp (essentially it is the same thing more or less)
The following commands can be used by V.I.P's and above:

  • /warp pcreate (name) - creates a private warp with the name (name).
  • /warp (name) - …

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