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 Forum Rules

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Iron smith
Iron smith

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   9/10/2011, 11:58

1) Be respectful to all those around you. We do not welcome flame wars here, if you do not agree with one person's opinion then counter that opinion in a respectful way without being insulting or condescending towards the one that you are addressing.

1a) Be respectful to all members of the staff. We are here in an effort to ensure that you have a minecraft server to play on when you need one and we don't need you inciting panic and chaos. If you have an issue with a moderator or an admin then there are other admins and moderators whom you can message about them.

2) No Spamming. Self-explanatory I believe but this isn't one of those forums where you can just post random drivel all the time to get your post count up to 10,000. Includes: One-word posts, non-nonsensical posts, double posting, and things of that nature. There are plenty of forums out there designed with the sole intention of being spam dumpsters so please seek them out if you wish to spam.

2a) No advertising other servers. You have your own server, excellent! Congrats! However, please don't advertise anywhere on FluxGaming. This includes the minecraft server itself. It has the possibility of getting you banned.

3) Try to limit your use of offensive language. Remember that there are people who are considered children on this forum and the server so let's not drop the F-bomb every other post. We are not as strict as other servers might be but keep in mind that not every post needs a swear to be an effective post.

3a) Try to limit your use of all capital letters in a post. This includes typing a post of all capitals "HAY GAIZ! HOW ARE YOU?!" or being a jerk with "HaY GaIz! HoW aRe YoU?!" Again, we are not as strict as other servers might be regarding this issue but keep in mind that you needn't speak in caps every time that you post.

4) Do not post pornographic or illegal material on these forums. Unlike the previous rule, we are just as strict as other servers are regarding this issue. If you have to ask "is this illegal?" or "is this pornographic?" then it probably is and you shouldn't post it but if you must ask the question then message a moderator or admin for an official ruling.

4a) Racism of any kind is not tolerated. This is an important rule, we live in a world where everyone should be accepted regardless of race, gender, or sexuality and that's how this server is run as well. While not technically a race, this also includes "faggot" and "gay".

5) All opinions are welcome and respected, if you disagree with someone's opinion please don't feel it invites you to counter their opinion with your own. Sometimes discretion is the better of valor as it were. Let people have their discussions without turning it into a "my opinion is right! your opinion is wrong!" argument.

5a) If you disagree with the ruling or opinions of a moderator and/or administrator don't air your grievances in public. Message them or another moderator/administrator so that the situation can be dealt with without causing widespread mayhem and hurt feelings. Not every post of an administrator/moderator should be reported though just because you disagree doesn't make it offensive.

6) Have fun!

7) There is no rule 7!

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Forum Rules
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