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 Reminder to all! (Read me!)

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Iron smith
Iron smith

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PostSubject: Reminder to all! (Read me!)   11/4/2012, 17:26

There will be NO disrespect towards the staff no matter what your grievances.. you have a personal issue with a mod or admin? bring it to them personally.. in a respectful way. Still have an issue bring it to another moderator/admin and they'll bring it forth for discussion..

There will be no swearing at staff members, no outright insulting staff members (jokingly is fine but see that it doesn't go too far... we know the difference between 'joking' and 'serious' so none of this "I was joking!" stuff as an excuse), no threatening staff members .. basically before you say something on the forums, on teamspeak, or on the server.. think about it.. if it sounds mean or insulting.. if it contains strong and numerous swears.. then it's probably best you bottle those emotions up and keep your mouth shut otherwise you'll find yourself on a one-way trip to 'bansville'..

The same goes for current members of the staff.. simply because you have a 'badge' doesn't mean that you can shoot your mouth off to anyone. You're in the position you're in to set an example and keep the peace.. don't think because you're a moderator that you can do and say whatever you please. That position is just as easily taken as it is given.

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Reminder to all! (Read me!)
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