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 Magicspells and /home2

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PostSubject: Magicspells and /home2   4/1/2012, 22:37

Because there is no fix for the mark/recall spells to not take your enchantments, I have installd a plugin that allows for multiple home. A commandplugin that has this built in would be essentials, I don't like essentials and prefer commandbook.

The normal /sethome /home commands are still commandbook and available for everyone.
The /sethome2 and /home2 commands are VIP only.

The mark and recall spells are not removed, you can still use them if you have learned them but new VIP's will not get these. instead there is Summon and Safefall.

Summon works like this: Place a sign down with the name of the person you want to summon to you on the first line. Look at it and type /cast summon (this is free of charge) or use a stick with the summon spell active. The one you summoned then has to type /accept to be teleported to you.

Safefall requires 2 items. 1 gold to ativate it and then 1 feather for eah fall you make. Activated with /cast safefall or the stick.

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Magicspells and /home2
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