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 I knew it!

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PostSubject: I knew it!   17/12/2011, 11:11

So about a month ago makinwarnotpeace tricks me and some other people into taking a picture for the forumns. He throughs poisons at us and then after that It said makinwarnotpeace and then the cords of where he tped(thats what i think). No one believed me and they thought that I was hacking. But I have a witness. kingandy55 saw that same thing pop up on his screen so Im not the only one who saw it. I knew something was wrong. If you guys and gals know why it appeared or whats hes using let an admin or mod know.
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PostSubject: Re: I knew it!   17/12/2011, 14:23

oh for crying out loud. Stop jumping all over Makin, hes not even here to defend himself. You were banned for GRIEFING. Please move on.
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PostSubject: Re: I knew it!   17/12/2011, 20:28

a potion can't display things that arn't in YOUR client on YOUR screen...

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PostSubject: Re: I knew it!   

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I knew it!
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