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 Realm of the Mad God (8BIT mmo fantasy shooter)

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PostSubject: Realm of the Mad God (8BIT mmo fantasy shooter)   17/3/2012, 22:06

I have been playing this ugly yet fun 8BIT MMO fantasy shooter. (sounds weird)

Basicly what you do is you level a character to lvl 20, kill stuff, collect stuff, drink potions and DO NOT! die!
because death is permanent.. upon death your character and everything you have gained and accomplished dies with it.

It's a very high paced game which is easy to learn but very very!! Hard to master..

You start out with 1 class (Wizard) and you unlock another class by levelling up. the first 5 i think are unlocked by becoming level 5 on each previous class. then you have to get to level 20 to unlock a few others and for the last few classes you need to play 2 other classes to level 20.

Levelling up can be fun, slow, fast, hard and easy!
you can obtain level 20 in various ways. The fastest and the safest way is to join a train (a long line of people following the road killing everything on sight.) because in RotMG you don't share your exp with your party..
you just copy it. (when you kill a mob and you gain 10 exp. alone. everyone close to you also gets 10 exp. instead of most games where everyone would get 2,5 exp if it were a party of 4.)

OR you can just go solo or with a small party and kill mobs until you are level 20.

AND the most dangerous and trickiest way is to look for a very crowded realm and join a group in the godlands
but some gods have no trouble killing you with only 3 hits when you are level 20. so you have to be on your toes the entire time.


you have 2 official in-game currencies; Fame which is obtained on death of a character, and gold which you have to pay for. and 1 unofficial currency; STAT pots!! these are potions dropped by gods in godlands or in special dungeons. upon drinking a stat pot, the stat of the pot you just drank (duhh) gets raised by 1 permanently (only for that char so is wasted when you die) the base of this currency is Def pots (these will raise your defense)
but these are not the most expensive, and most pretty good items can be bought from players for a pot that is worth less then a defence potion.

there are no shops in game which is sad in my opinion... you can buy some stuff for fame or gold on the floor but they are mostly vanity items (they don't do anything)

so any items you want you have to trade players for! (wooot improve your trading skills!)

When you start out the game you start with a randomly generated name and you can change this for free (only once, after that its 1000 gold to change it again)

You also start with 1 chest in your "vault". in these chests you can store items for later use. items in the vault will not disappear when you die with your character.

upon obtaining level 20 as I said before your adventure and quest to becoming a legend starts.
Its time to go and search some gods (high level monsters with potentially AWESOME loot.
you can try and do this solo (which can be hard) or you can try and find a big group in the "godlands" (which will make it nearly impossible to get loot, that said this is an easy way to gain 'fame')

The best part in my opinion is that its originally a browser game.. but it recently became available on Steam!
and you can convert your web account into a steam account (this will delete all steam data you already had for this game) or register your steam account as a web account. (this will just make your steam account available for playing in browser too!)

I would very much recommend everyone to join the Chaos!

if you have any questions after this amazing introduction of this weird yet amazing shooter, don't hesitate to ask me anything about it!

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Steam Version
RotMG Wiki
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PostSubject: Re: Realm of the Mad God (8BIT mmo fantasy shooter)   17/3/2012, 22:21

I was considering this since it's free but I already have Amnesia to finish up :s
I'll download it for later Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Realm of the Mad God (8BIT mmo fantasy shooter)   18/3/2012, 02:00

I've wanted to play this for a while now Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Realm of the Mad God (8BIT mmo fantasy shooter)   

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Realm of the Mad God (8BIT mmo fantasy shooter)
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