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 Thanks for the times!

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PostSubject: Thanks for the times!   16/2/2012, 13:02

Hey guys, today i was on and i joked about quitting and i went and studied. After i was done studying i did some thinking, i've been on for over a year and have had a blast, but i do the same thing everyday and its getting a little old. (Get on, chat, build something, stop building it, never finish it, then log off.) I also feel as im being more annoying then enjoyable. I really had a fun time on this server and want to thank all the staff and 99.9% of all the members for making my experience on this server awesome. As for my server, just like all my other projects, will never go anywhere. Thanks for all the good times,


EDIT: Due to lack of friends, i will be on and not quitting.

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PostSubject: Re: Thanks for the times!   16/2/2012, 17:57

Goodbye jam, glad to see you had a fun time Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Thanks for the times!   16/2/2012, 18:00

awwwww are you going to come and chat with us once in a while?
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PostSubject: Re: Thanks for the times!   17/2/2012, 12:03

jam its been a honor building with you you've been a good builder and a good buddy
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PostSubject: Re: Thanks for the times!   

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Thanks for the times!
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