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 'Food for Thought' 1.0 ! by Cash Calamity

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PostSubject: 'Food for Thought' 1.0 ! by Cash Calamity   12/10/2011, 07:47

Hello felllow 'Minecraftians' today I decided to start a series of topics that will vary widely in all subjects! I call them 'Food for Thought' they will consist of questions that I want you to think about and answer. Some will contain little puzzles, questions about things happening in the present,past, and what you think of the future. They will contain fictional and non-fictional situations and will give you a chance to explore the depths of thought allowing you to widen your mind to more subjects. I really hope you enjoy this series and if it keeps up I will continue it!
Lets start! Todays question actually originates from an online news report seen here: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/Music/story?id=6461409&page=2 (By SONA CPOTRAHARAI) It tells us about the crazy demands of celebrities from no brown M&M's in Van Halen's candy dish too Paul McCartney an avid Vegetarian, requesting that no limos he rides in or dressing rooms contain leather or animal print furniture, even the fake stuff! Obviously some demands are perfectly normal and there have definatly been crazier demands by celebs.
So I ask you, if you had the fame or power to request anything (within wordly limits) what would you request and why. This can be as crazy as you want in fact we like weird here so start thinking! While you write out your post at the bottom please fill in the blanks in this sentence. As a celebrity I demand that I get a (NOUN) in my (PLACE) and I want to (VERB) before I perform or else I (VERB)!
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PostSubject: Re: 'Food for Thought' 1.0 ! by Cash Calamity   12/10/2011, 08:11

I demand that you construct for me a hammock of ladies to be placed in my boudoir, and that you forcibly create entrances to buildings so I may never have to change direction unwillingly. Your refusal will result in me supergluing live lobsters to your hands, so that you may never again... let us say, have fun.
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'Food for Thought' 1.0 ! by Cash Calamity
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